Glenn Hawkins
Glenn Hawkins
Greetings! Thank you for visiting my Curriculum Vitæ/Resume website. As you see, it is comprehensive and detailed and far exceeds what one may expect in a conventional CV/resume. More than three decades of experience specializing in multiple fields results in greater skills and achievements. If a summary style resume is more to your liking then the one posted on LinkedIn may be a better option; however, if you seek something specific in a candidate then this format is the better option. Click on the buttons to customize the content.
Management is both an art and a science; therefore, who better to manage projects than one with art and science experience? That is what I bring, an alchemy of skills and experience forged as an engineer and artist deft in project management.
Art + Science = Management
This is where drive meets talent. It is not enough to have the motivation to produce something new. With creativity, I conceptualize product from requirements leading teams to creation. Method and practice are the scientific tools and techniques of success. It is the do, check, and act part of quality circle that gets the job done efficiently and correctly. My experience with an emphasis in root cause analysis addresses issues once and for all. This is where art and science acumen merge in managing programs and projects with a disciplined approach with an emphasis on stakeholder engagement and a thorough understanding of earned value with a firm commitment to schedule.
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  • Project Management
    Successful project managers spend the majority of their time communicating with all stakeholders. This is one, and perhaps the most important function of a project manager; however, more is needed to succeed as a project manager. I succeed by focusing effort in critical areas that contribute to key success factors. Chief among them is controlling project scope. When proposed solutions lead to scope creep, I work to focus the team on maintaining scope while developing effective action. I challenge the team to develop an accurate schedule ensuring estimating mythologies are supported by facts. Detailed project planning and thorough risk management work to guarantee success by ensuring team success and anticipating potential challenges. It is important to recognize significant contributions by rewarding teams and individuals. Embracing a proactive culture and a willingness to change from ‘the we we’ve always done things’ is how we get the job done!
Featured Projects:
    • Preset Test Station
      Warhead acceptance test hardware/software system ...
    • Missile Support Test Station
      Ballistic missile acceptance test hardware/software system ...
    • Missile Guidance Processing Documentation
      Processing documentation system ...
    • Guidance Training Program System
      Role-based training program addressing technical and program requirements ...
    • Intermediate Maintenance Facility Training Program
      Industrial training program addressing procedural non-compliance ...

  • Program Management
    Skills in project management provide the tools and techniques necessary in effective program management. It’s the team that is doing the work; therefore, it is essential to build trust in the team and their capabilities. This requires program managers engage in active listening and understand issues from all stakeholder’s perspectives with self-awareness and situational awareness as key skills. I manage in a proactive world and work to prevent the need for heroic efforts. I avoid stove-piping information and inform stakeholders and teams with the necessary information to act in an informed capable manner. I embrace team diversity realizing creativity springs from multiple viewpoints. My teams work hard and well together.
Featured Programs:
    • MK6 Guidance Program
      Contract (T9001B) performance supporting the Trident II (D5) missile program ...
    • Managing Director
      Leadership of 50+ member symphony orchestra ...

  • Engineering
    Extensive experience in design verification and acceptance testing and analysis of prototype systems. Directed and participated in functional, environmental, and TEMPEST testing of automated equipment, communication systems, and radar systems. Provided leadership and mentoring, material review, root cause and analysis and corrective action plans, documentation development, plus complex system installation and checkout. Ease and comfort with developing and reading electrical schematics, mechanical drawings, and facility drawings. Experienced in developing strategies, procedures, and support equipment for requirement verification.
    • Senior Field Engineer – New Ship Construction
      USS San Antonio (LPD-17) class lead ship systems integration ...
    • Systems Engineering
      SME, engineering to production transition team ...

  • Industrial Security
    My approach in planning, executing, and controlling the Industrial Security Program (ISP) is akin to project management where security requirements are deeply embedded into the day-to-day program effort rendering many aspects of security implementation transparent. A key success strategy is to seek opportunities to gain value and mitigate value threat in implementing requirements.
    • Facility Security Officer
      Comprehensive security program management ...

  • Entrepreneurship
  • It takes more than identifying a need. One needs to know what is necessary to execute an idea in making it a reality. One must understand and accept the risk of success or failure. One must truly care about their idea and have the passion and drive to overcome obstacles revealed through the fog of uncertainty.

    • Web City, Inc.
      Website consultation and development ...
    • Glenn Hawkins Productions
      Musical theatre production company ...

  • Artistic
  • My career in music began in high school by joining the orchestra in a local stage production of the musical Chicago. After experiencing first hand the complexity of staging musicals, I immersed myself in the genre where my interest in project management originates. I am fascinated by how a musical production can take on a life of its own and how success is measured in many ways with the notable ones successful in every way.

    • Composition
      Music orchestration and arrangement ...
    • Performance
      Classical, jazz, and Broadway instrumental performance ...
    • Production
      Sound design, light design consultation, set construction ...
  • Project Management Professional (PMP®)
  • Master Project Manager (MPM®)
  • Six Sigma Specialist (Green Belt)
  • Facility Security Officer
  • Security Clearance
  • Communications
    Presentations, documents, reports, ...
  • Hardware
    Computers, test and measurement, ...
  • Management
    Presentations, documents, reports, ...
  • Cultural sensitivity is perhaps the most important factor when working abroad. Being part of a culturally diverse family plays a large part in appreciating the importance in respecting differences in conducting business with multiple nationalities. Patience and flexibility are key success elements in international dealings. Learning the history and meaning of cultural differences has made the difference in developing effective strategies in meeting international business challenges.

  • Asia
    Japan, Taiwan ...
  • Europe
    France ...
  • Case Study
    Decisions leading to discrimination ...
  • Management
    Supervision, team building, leadership, evaluations ...
  • Process
    Quality control, training ...
Eckerd College
Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Business Management
Saint Petersburg College
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Cultural Arts Foundation Northwest
    Art events, grants, scholarships ...
  • DiscoverE Leadership Council
    National Engineers Week ...
  • Marly Group
    Museum of Fine Arts social organization ...
  • Deutsches Haus
    German heritage organization ...